Just a crazy developer who strive to be lazy. I'm a vim addicted and a completely Linux xiita.

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Just a crazy developer who strive to be lazy. I’m a vim addicted and a completely Linux xiita. I have a couple of years as a student of computer science leaning new technologies and challenging myself.


As I’m a Linux user and focused on automate everything possible and stay as long as possible in the terminal, those are the skills I most grew up.


Even before I met this awesome editor I already had a vim user’s mind. The mindset to type repetitive changes with the minimum effort, the thirst to automate everything in everywhere was quenched when I met Vim, vimium and vim-everywhere.


Beyond a version control system for my projects, but also for my personal configurations in my computer, after met the first dotfile repo it blew my mind and I was never lost again when using a different computer than my own. Now I can have all my personal configurations, snippets, aliases and that kind of stuff in just two commands.


Wow! That old story “It works on my computer” was terminated with this tool, and also it made possible to have many environments in one without mess up the things.


I already worked with C, Java and JS before, and I started the web dev with php because I liked the c-like syntax (I still like it!) and in a Junior enterprise of my university begun my story with php which ended in Laravel, an awesome framework which I still have a crush.


This great framework was the inspiration for the Laravel, it was the only thing I knew about it when I started to work with it, I didn’t even knew ruby basic stuffs, like define a method… My boss just told me to fix a bug in a API response and it all begins! I knew the structures of this framework from Laravel, then in few hours the job was done. Now I’m a better rails developer and in love for this new framework.


Well, if I had to do something outside vim I’ll certainly grumble, the worst situation is outside of Linux, may God spare me for those sad moments. I have more than five years of Linux, so I know the tricks. The ease flexibility of this OS is the key of my productivity.